by Maddie
The Foodie Kitchn


Welcome to my Kitchn!
The Foodie Kitchen is my tiny space on the internet where I can share my favorite recipes from home and my travels.

Born in the states, raised in the Dominican Republic, and from Dominican-Italian heritage, I currently live in Miami with my little wolf Kylo.

By day I'm a geek working in tech, and by night I'm a foodie, giving life to my real passion, food.

I've always had a special place for food; I guess I got it from my Italian grandmother, who self-published her cookbook at 90 years old!

Living in Miami for 5 years now, I miss the taste of home. My Grandma's "Rice and Beans," my mom's Pork Tenderloin, my favorite Coconut Pie, or "cuadritos" (mini squares) from my favorite local bakery. Even though Miami is a Melting Pot of Latin Cuisine, there is nothing like the taste of home.

Here at The Foodie Kitchen, you'll find many of my family recipes and recipes inspired by my favorite places back home and my travels.

Hope you get to enjoy it as much as I do. Hopefully, it inspires you to learn and taste something new.